New England Partroits

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DESK Clock​s

*Licensed NFL  Decals/Stickers

Colored 45 Records w/ CD mounted on Lucite stand - 7" dia. - 'AA' battery operation

NOW  $ 29.00

All clocks shown are CURRENTLY Available

Pittsburgh Steelers II 

Pictures show current and some past designs. Inquire if you like a specific design or want to order a current style. 

Pittsburgh Steelers I 

All Team Clocks are made from Laser Disc's and actual colored record albums. Coordinated together to create best color combinations to enhance the final design.

Pick your favorite TEAM - All made from Officially Licensed team decals/logos

Only  $49.00 for a Limited Time

Dallas Cowboys

Az Cardinals II

Carolina Panthers wall clock - Blue 45 record paired w/ 10" black record and a white CD.

Only $ 34.00 

Chicago Cubs I

Seattle Seahawks

Az Cardinals I

Chicago Cubs II

Team Logo Clocks

Denver Broncos

Greenbay Packers